Monday, February 20, 2017

Lately, I have been spending quite an amount of time thinking about what I want to do with my as far as a career goes. I have come to decide between two career choices, I am split between welding and being a diesel mechanic. I am leaning more towards the welding career because a majority of the males on my mom's side of the family are a welder aId if I ever needed help they would probably help me because they want to keep the family in the welding industry.  I like that you can become part of the union because they help you get higher pay and things along those lines. It also gives you a chance you travel the whole country. My Grandpa was one of the welders that helped weld the Alaskan pipeline so he got to live in Alaska for a year or two and my Grandma and mom and uncle got to go up there to live with him for the time he was up there. the attributes I have for this job are probably the ability to work outside in the elements, and I like hard work because it keeps you busy and the day flys by.

As far as colleges go for the welding career I am thinking northern Michigan which is located in Marquette Michigan or Ferris state university and that is located in Big Rapids. My cousin just graduated from northern Michigan university and she said it is a very nice college with a lot to do on your spare time. Right now I would probably go to Ferris because it is far enough from home so my family that they couldn't just stop in but if I wanted to go home for a weekend it wouldn't be too far away. I am not sure if you could have your car up there your freshman year or not that could be a big factor in my decision because I would want to be mobile, I don't like not being able going places.

There are two different types of welding that I could get into. If I really want to be making some high dollar then I could become an underwater welder and have the potential to earn 1,000 dollars daily but that is a risky job because there is so much potential risk behind underwater welding. The welding I want to do I could make anywhere from 50,000 dollars to north of 180,000 dollars annually, that's is not including how much your welding rig makes just for being on the job site. In some cases, the welding rig alone makes 20 dollars an hour plus you would be making about 75 dollars and hour. I know someone that makes one hundred dollars an hour not including his welding rig because he is doing a very important job and he is a very skilled welder. I would want to become part of the union young so then I could be getting the benefits such as insurance until the day I die which would come in handy because of people that weld sometimes get Parkinson's like my Grandpa because they did not have regulations on things like that. Welding can be a dangerous job but it pays well so I would be ok with the risk because the reward outweighs the risk.

Monday, February 13, 2017

          This Ted Talk compares to the last Ted Talk because in the last Ted Talk it was talking about how royal families convinced people to stop wearing veils because the prostitutes were wearing veils. In another part of the story, the prince said only the royal family could eat the potatoes so then everyone wanted a potato. In this week's Ted Talk the man talked about how there was a market for unregulated shoe sales.

          The two market that this Ted Talk was talking about is the secondary market and the retail market. The secondary market is once you buy an item and you try to resell the item it then becomes part of the secondary. Retail is when the retailers such as footlocker sell stuff directly from the source.

         If there was a stock market of thing it would probably be guns. Guns are on of my hobbies, I don't have many guns right at the moment but I am looking at a double barrel shotgun because I like the style of them and it would make a good self-defense gun. I would also like Russian world war two infantry gun because I have always wanted a bolt action rifle of my own. The reason I would choose guns as the market is because they have been in demand lately because of Obamas attempts to strengthen gun control and Hillary Clinton about won the election. Many of the people that would buy the guns are scared that the government wouldn't let anyone else buy more guns.

Monday, February 6, 2017

        The article that I chose in last week's blog was an informational non-fiction article about the NRA and shootings.

       I Know that the article that I used is sequence and order because it uses words like before, after and next. It would also make sense being that way because it is talking about a shooting and the events that took place that night.

       I would have to say that self-driving cars are the more interesting out of the option given in the article because it is really the only on the list with the consumer's life and others in its hands. I personally would not trust a computer to take me from point A to point B because of computers glitch out and if your throttle of steering mechanism had a malfunction then you could very well die because I'm sure that those cars would be able to go fast since they would be super expensive. I would like to seen a NASCAR using self-driving cars though because it would be cool to see huge crashes and know that no one got hurt.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

     I know that you have always wondered what exactly non-fiction is about and what it is. Well, nonfiction is is a very simple topic that is used in writing because it uses real life events in the writing. An example of nonfiction is sports illustrated.

      I believe that school stopped using anthology's because the average student would become intimidated when they see those huge books but really it's not all that bad because of its different stories in one book. Another reason to use stories on a computer is that it would be a lot cheaper because you do not have a lot of books and the convenient factor of not carrying around a big book to class but instead just a computer.

      I used an article on the NRA because I like the NRA because they have the same beliefs as I have. The main idea of this article is there was a felon that got caught with a gun so the officer had to take him to the station because ¨Robnson¨ was pulled over at a seven-eleven¨ with possessions of a firearm. This article interests me because I like guns and they interest me.

Monday, January 23, 2017

           Have you ever wondered what the state does with all the money we have to give to them out of our paychecks? I certainly do, after you give your money to the government I bet you are hoping that they put good use to it. I can tell you that just driving for the past month that the roads are terrible, I was watching the news a couple days ago and I saw one segment and the headline was ¨Strech of I-94 through Van Buren Co. causing trouble¨(Sparks, Kyle). In this news clip, There is a stretch of highway just south of Lawrence to Decatur that had just been just been patched this past summer and there is already large pot holes causing trouble to the westbound motorist. The news clips mentioned that there are plans to repave the entire stretch of highway in the summer, but until then I suppose the that the people that have to drive though there have to watch out for the potholes. I know it sounds like a broken record but Michigan roads are a real problem and I feel that the state is just ignoring the fact that our roadways are among the worst in the country. Instead of spending millions of dollars on renovating the capital building which only effects possibly three hundred workers, that work there the state should put that money into the roads because that affects millions of people annually.

Sparks, Kyle. "Stretch of I-94 through Van Buren Co. causing problems." WWMT. WWMT, n.d. Web. 23 Jan. 2017. <>.

Monday, January 9, 2017

          Fredrick the great made the potato exclusively for the royal family only. he thought of this because "something worth guarding is worth stealing". Aturtk got women to stop wearing veils by haveing prostitutes wear veils so women didn't want to be seen as a prostitute so women didn't wear veils in turkey.

           Rory idea about the train ride to France on a train falls under perceived value rather than real change because everyone would rather ride a fast train than drive or ride a slow train. this is why he thinks it would be perceived value.

Changing people's perspective is much more effective than changing reality because people usually do what they do off of what they think. that is why the veil thing from turkey was so successful in turkey because women didn't want to be seen as a prostitute. Why do you think people are so willing to give over hundreds of dollar in order to buy beats. the reason beats are so expensive is because you are mostly buying the brand but they are nice headphones but you are mostly buying the brand. changing reality is typically much harder than changing perceived value.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

        I am not quite sure how feel about the reliability of polls or surveys. Part of me thinks that they are quite reliable but part of thinks they are not reliable. The reason I feel that surveys are reliable is because most of the time people will answer honestly and you have the data right in front of you so that you can easily convert the data to your paper of whatever you're doing. Sometimes people don't answer your surveys honestly and they just randomly click to get the and they don't answer honestly.

         This argument unit has been quite easy for the most part but I have had trouble with remembering the different hook techniques and what they mean I can only recall about three of the many different whys for hooks. my favorite hooks are facts and tone of voice because they are simple and to the point.

 In this ad it shows 2 hooks that I could see I´m sure that there is another hook in the there. The two hooks that I found from the ads were facts because it says that the meal cost $6.25 and it uses a metaphor when it says it will blow you away. This ad uses badge value because it doesn't use real or perceived value.