Monday, April 24, 2017

Yes, I do believe that the public service announcement (PSA) was effective. The reason that The PSA was so effective on me is because the graphic images that I saw. I am one to like war movies but for some reason, I can not hardly stand watching car crashes.  The reason that the PSA used so many graphic images is because the company in charge of creating the video most likely knew that people do not have the stomach to see things like a deadly car crash. This is why the PSA is such an effective video to stop texting and driving.
This is a top ten scary public service announcement list and on the list, I am going to write about the top One that is on the topic of heroin. The purpose of the PSA is to scare people into stopping the use of heroin. The way the video tries to scare you is by having a monkey attempt to jumpscare you. I find this video useful because it is made to scare people into quitting or staying away from heroin use.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Not having a high school diploma and your health actually has a stronger correlation than most people believe it too. The reason that this is so true is because if you do not have a high school diploma then you are not likely to get a job. If you do not have a job in today's economy then according to the ¨system¨ you are a nobody. If you want to get seen by a doctor or need a life-saving surgery then you need proof of insurance or need to show you are going to pay. This is why I believe that there is such a great correlation between health and not having high school diploma. 

The reason that I believe that the there is a high percent of a student not graduating is because the way they were raised. Nowadays more and more kids feel that they are entitled because they are receiving things without even needing to work for it. If kids don't know what it feels like to work for something then they will likely not know what it is like to work for something and they will not work hard enough to graduate. People having bad health would be a bad thing for society because they will raise taxes because people without money will be using the hospital. 

If the trend continues then there could be very many negative repercussions on the society. There is only one positive effect I could see coming out of this and that is that there would be a higher chance of getting your dream job because you're not going to have the same competition for the job. The people that would be getting these jobs would not be top of the line though because there would be less competition and with more competition, the best of the best get the job and the best of the best may not be trying so the end product would not be as good. If to many people began dropping out then that could become the end of traditional schools because the people that truly wanted to learn would just be told to do online schooling. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Grit is very important in today's culture because a majority of the people going into high school and college feel entitled. If you have grit that means that even though you don't understand the certain subject the first time you will not give up on it and keep persisting. Grit is needed in today's world because so many people now are entitled or at least feel that they are entitled. So to have grit will keep you pushing on even when the others give up because ¨it is to hard¨. I agree with the article when it says entitled child culture. The reason I agree with the statement is because there are many people that act like they are entitled because they came from wealth and get spoiled at an early age. The kids like this tend to have early childhood success but when they go through a rough patch it takes them quite a long to time to recover because they never felt the feeling of failing.

When people gradually progress rather than cramming last minute that builds discipline in the person. ¨This is important because in recent studies the result has shown that working hard and have good discipline will contribute to your school achievements more than a high IQ would help with¨.(Kathryne B.)  Having discipline is important for your future because when you get a job and have to wake up at five in the morning and just want to press the snooze button but if you do that then you will get fired. Since you have the discipline you will get up and go to work and still have a job.

the trait I believe that I am strongest in is probably kindness. Sure I am not involved in any the charity organizations but if I notice that someone needs assistance or help I will go over and offer a helping hand. I should probably work on my confidence in the next three years because at the moment I lack confidence. I am not sure how to explain it. I am not confident enough to speak in front of large crowds. I am also not confident in my ability to pass a big test but I always end up passing them I just don't believe in myself.

Monday, March 20, 2017

A college degree is a crucial thing now more than ever. The amount made by women born from 1960 to 1964 with a college degree they made on average 802,000 dollars and the same lady that only has a high school diploma made on average 243,000 dollars. It is important to get a college degree because A for men born from 1940 to 1944 made an average of 435,000 and those that went down to 243,000 for those who only got a high school degree.

Better grades have a direct link to the amount of money you will make in your post-highschool life and your higher education after high school. In the article, it says the average earnings for women that went to college go up by twelve percent for men and fourteen for women. this goes to show that there is a direct correlation in grades to money earned.

The correlation of high school grades to total education attainment was the strongest for minorities such as Hispanics and African Americans. French said in the article that the reason that the minorities are getting more education than the white people is because they are more motivated to keep going. I believe that the reason they keep going is because the have something to prove. Although African Americans have the will keep going that doesn't necessarily mean that they will earn more money than the white people that didn't get to college. I do not know if that is just a coincidence or it has something to do with race. I would like to believe that America has overcome to the whole race issues but sadly no one can deny that they still exist today over a hundred years after slavery.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The reason I think that the school seen a 27 percent increase in students is because in the last section it said that Miramar Orzo last year she skipped school every day to drink, but this year she. After attending the military school her grades got better and her attends got much better. This is why there was a 27 percent increase of students.

The military style academy was not always military style but it was a regular style academy says Christian Rubalcava who has been going to the academy since sixth grade which was before the switch. even though the academy is military based does not mean that you will join the military after high school some of the students that go there such as christian rubacava wish to go to college after high school. ¨I used to skip school to get drunk and high¨ said Mireya Orozco, after the academy her mom has reported tat her grades and attendance have improved and she has show increased respect at home.

Developing responsibility is almost as important as a good work ethic because you will use that skill for the rest of your life. A good way to help grow responsibility in schools it to offer rewards rather than punishments or you could do a combination of punishment and and reward. What do I mean by that you may ask? It is simple for those that have no missing assignments get to have a free hour during ram hour and those that have missing work will have to remain in ram hour without there phone or music.

Monday, March 6, 2017

    I do agree with the idea that college and trade school recruiters use the student's social media account to be used as the deciding factor. I´m not saying I would be happy if I did not get accepted to my dream college due to social media but I'm not worried about it because I am not dumb enough to put stuff on the internet that I wouldn't want certain people to see. I typically don´t write my own post or share my own post, I usually just go through Facebook and when I see something interesting I share it because I just want to be able to get to It without haveing to remember who shared it originally. The other main reason I agree with social media being a resource to use when deciding to accept the student or not is because typically your not going to see how the student actually acts because the student is going to get dressed up and be on best behavior.

     I agree when the article say ¨Somtime kids are more worried about being a character than having character.¨ From what I have learned from my short time in health class my teacher has taught me that people that act obnoxious simply have a self-esteem problem. The reason I agree with this statement  is because often times in class there is that one obnoxious kid that you can count on that they will disrupt the class and I for one can agree with most people when they say it can get on your nerves, not even to mention how annoying it is when someone want to make a seen because they need the attention to feel that they are superior to the other students minding their own business and not festering with the class.

    Highschools somewhat prepare its students for the workplace but I feel some of the required classes are a little bit unnecessary. For the jobs that I want, I would probably never use a computer but that is all we ever do in almost all of my classes. I learn my best when I am using hands-on skills because I will not learn as good looking through a computer screen. When I become of the correct age I want to go to the school offered vocational center and I will go to the welding program. The reason that I plan on doing for my career because I have heard so many good things about the field and from what I have seen in my grandpas declining health is that the union will take care of you.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

I have finally graduated high school now I got to find a place to live because I to not want to be living in my parent´s house anymore. But I then realize that I am going to have to grow up in a hurry and get a full-time job. I should have no problem saving the correct amount of money especially since I have been promised a job giving me 40 hours a week. Sadly I am only going to be making minimum wage. I soon know that if I want to be able to live in my own apartment and still want to have fun then I will have to get a roommate to split the expenses. Then I call my friend and say ¨hey friend do you want to get an apartment with me¨. and Him being the good friend he says ¨why, of course, good buddy Drake, but we better get looking Because there is only so many apartments in this little town they call South Haven¨. So I begin to research and find a nice quaint little 2 bedroom house on pawpaw lake road in Coloma. The cost of this house is only $750 a month and together my friend and I have $2392.38 If you take out our rent then we would still have $1642.38 between us and we could use that however I want.

Now that I got my own place I have to start paying my own bills. My phone plan is 35 dollars a month and it has unlimited everything. I still have my truck from when I turned 16 but it sure is a gas guzzler so I will probably have to put $50 in a week so I can go joyriding. and car insurance will be the biggest cost for me. It will cost around $130 to insure my 1997 Dodge ram 1500 what I saw online. It will cost probably 175 dollars fo electric and 100 dollars for gas so that 275 dollars all together for gas and electric. We will only want the internet because we prefer video games and Netflix Internet so we will have to split the cost. I know how to change oil so I don't have to worry about paying the shop but I will have to buy the filter and the oil so it's only about 20 for both. I and my friend will probably spend 100 dollars on food every 2 weeks and that's not too bad. I will probably not get cable but I will only get internet and Netflix and I already have an Xbox but I would just have to pay 25 dollars for three months of Xbox live. I would probably on spend 30 or 40 dollars on toilet paper and stuff like that.

living paycheck to paycheck could be very stressful because there is not much you can to along the lines of entertainment and the feeling of knowing if something happened to you then you would have no more money to pay your bills with and you would become homeless. If you had to move back home I am sure you would lose some of your dignity.