Monday, June 5, 2017

      The purpose of this article is to show that sometimes you have to just slow down and realize how good the things around you are. The author used a clever text structure and this is sequence and order. The author uses font effects, illustrations and photographs, and text organizers.
      I feel that the reason there is such a disparity between male and female is that we as males have never been in the women's shoes. Another reason I believe that there is such disparity is that in the past women mainly had kids and stayed home and raised the kids, but now there is a place for them in the workforce. I feel that we have come quite ways in the direction of equality for men and women. The reason that I feel men feel that men and women feel that we are equal is that we could never know what it is like to be a woman so we assume that we are treated equally. The reason that women feel that they are not equal is that they know what if feels like because they are the one that is getting discriminated aginst.

Monday, May 22, 2017

My lollipop moment was my grandpa buying me stuff to fish with. Me trying to give a lollipop moment went pretty good because I said that I will help my grandma out with the trash and I did it for her without her asking. 
Social media can improve the quality of your life because it gives you more opportunities to have good interactions with people that you otherwise would have no interaction with. I have met some really cool people on social media that I became friends with. In one case I met somebody on Instagram and it turns out we went to kindergarten together.  There is a kid that used to go to school here in south haven and all the other kids pestered with him and he didn't really have any friends so he moved schools so now whenever I see he post something on facebook I like it and sometimes I text him out of nowhere and see how he is doing. 
Shawn´s passions in life are things that are adventurous. As the Ted talk says Shawn is a ¨profesoinal fun haver¨.  My passions are probably dirtbikes, Tee Grizzly, and Sasquatch.  When I was just a little guy I got a PW-50 for my birthday and I had that for a while then I got a cr70 that lasted me a couple years. I then got a ttr-125 I quickly outgrew that one and gave it to my sister. Just yesterday I put my current bike on craigslist it is a ttr 230. I hope to get yz250 which is a 2 stroke and I have never had a two stroke but I have ridden some and they are pretty wicked. Tee Grizzly is actually the greatest rapper of all time. He has some ¨Fire¨ rhymes. I would have to say that first day out is his best song. Sasquatch is probably my favorite animal. He is an apex predator. Why do you thing that no one has ever killed bigfoot? He has optimal camouflage and great skill with hunting and being one with the world. 

The two parts of social media are the positive and the story. What he means by this is that he if everyone is positive then everybody can find their place in the world because they feel that they fit in with people. when he says story he is talking about how the social media tells your story and lets people see it so they can have a new found respect for people that they typically would not have any idea of what they do in their personal life. 
The king of the rain forest story is a very good story because it is a great idea. This idea is that you can do whatever you put your mind to as long as you don't listen to the negative in your life. If you just don't listen to the negative then you will be able to overcome anything because you will only have positive in your life. I think that this story is one of the best stories for the time period that we are in because there is so much negative and if you block it out then the world will seem like a positive place. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

My lollipop moment for me could have been quite a bit of thing. I can not think of many lollipop moments things that changed my life. When I was little my grandpa used to always take me fishing all the time. He was the one that helped me catch my first fish. After that, we went to Walmart and he grabbed a tackle box and then walked down the aisle and picked out one of everything he thought I would need. This is my lollipop moment because It showed me that people believe in me that I didn't even know believed in me. 

I feel that this quote is very confusing. After some thinking, I feel that this quote is trying to say that we are not afraid to attempt something because we don't have the power but rather because we are afraid of the power we have. I agree with this statement because some people are not afraid of failure but are afraid of the power that they are capable of. They do not feel that are capable of helping people. 

I could take my grandma's trash to the burning barrel and light it instead of having my grandma take the trash out. Whenever I am at my grandma's house and she pulls into the drive way after she has been grocery shopping and I instantly knew that she had water so I went out there and grabbed the 24 pack of waters so that she does not have to carry the heavy weight. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What makes a book a classic? This has been an ongoing argument for ages. I have recently read several articles. One of the articles defined a classic book means that it can stand the test of time. This means that the book can remain to be read and bought. John Steinbeck has several classic novels one being mice of men. Mice of men hs been on shelves for generations and it is still being bought and read.

A Cannon is pretty much just the word used to call a book when it has been made it to the level where it can be seriously looked at in education. There are many examples of literacy cannons. for example Mice of men. Mic of men is controversial so it is not the best example of a literary canon. To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee is an even better example of a literary canon. The book is studied among all kinds of school so that goes to show that is an example of a literary cannon.

 I feel that some books should be banned while others should not because some books are down right gruesomely revolting and offensive but then there are some books that are not the most appropriate but still have a good educational value to them.

Monday, May 1, 2017

dust pneumonia is a medical condition that is caused by excessive exposure to dust.  This affected the victims of the dust bowl more than anyone else. The cause of dust bowl was a severe drought in the American and Canadian prairies. The thing that caused dust pneumonia was an excessive or long period of dust or dirt inhalation. This results in the inflammation of tiny sacs in the lungs called alveoli. Some of the symptoms of dust pneumonia are asthma, flu, eye infections, sinusitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis.

There are some remedies for one of them being IV fluid. Some other remedies include the use of an oxygen mask, injesting prescription drugs, oral anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and oral antibiotics. Those are the remedies that you can get from the doctor but there is also some home remedies that you could use. Some of them being getting away from the source and immediately change clothes take a shower and take get fresh air. It is handy to identify the source of the problem as well.

If I was put in the situation of so many individuals were and I had to ¨pack my life into one single bag¨, I would probably have to bring pictures of my lost loved ones. I would bring things that reminded me of a better time so that I could get my mind off of the things that are going wrong at the time. I would have to all the cash that I have to my name so that I could make it to my destination. I might bring my gun so that I will be capable to protect my family from others that are willing to kill to get things from my family.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Yes, I do believe that the public service announcement (PSA) was effective. The reason that The PSA was so effective on me is because the graphic images that I saw. I am one to like war movies but for some reason, I can not hardly stand watching car crashes.  The reason that the PSA used so many graphic images is because the company in charge of creating the video most likely knew that people do not have the stomach to see things like a deadly car crash. This is why the PSA is such an effective video to stop texting and driving.
This is a top ten scary public service announcement list and on the list, I am going to write about the top One that is on the topic of heroin. The purpose of the PSA is to scare people into stopping the use of heroin. The way the video tries to scare you is by having a monkey attempt to jumpscare you. I find this video useful because it is made to scare people into quitting or staying away from heroin use.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Not having a high school diploma and your health actually has a stronger correlation than most people believe it too. The reason that this is so true is because if you do not have a high school diploma then you are not likely to get a job. If you do not have a job in today's economy then according to the ¨system¨ you are a nobody. If you want to get seen by a doctor or need a life-saving surgery then you need proof of insurance or need to show you are going to pay. This is why I believe that there is such a great correlation between health and not having high school diploma. 

The reason that I believe that the there is a high percent of a student not graduating is because the way they were raised. Nowadays more and more kids feel that they are entitled because they are receiving things without even needing to work for it. If kids don't know what it feels like to work for something then they will likely not know what it is like to work for something and they will not work hard enough to graduate. People having bad health would be a bad thing for society because they will raise taxes because people without money will be using the hospital. 

If the trend continues then there could be very many negative repercussions on the society. There is only one positive effect I could see coming out of this and that is that there would be a higher chance of getting your dream job because you're not going to have the same competition for the job. The people that would be getting these jobs would not be top of the line though because there would be less competition and with more competition, the best of the best get the job and the best of the best may not be trying so the end product would not be as good. If to many people began dropping out then that could become the end of traditional schools because the people that truly wanted to learn would just be told to do online schooling.