Monday, March 20, 2017

A college degree is a crucial thing now more than ever. The amount made by women born from 1960 to 1964 with a college degree they made on average 802,000 dollars and the same lady that only has a high school diploma made on average 243,000 dollars. It is important to get a college degree because A for men born from 1940 to 1944 made an average of 435,000 and those that went down to 243,000 for those who only got a high school degree.

Better grades have a direct link to the amount of money you will make in your post-highschool life and your higher education after high school. In the article, it says the average earnings for women that went to college go up by twelve percent for men and fourteen for women. this goes to show that there is a direct correlation in grades to money earned.

The correlation of high school grades to total education attainment was the strongest for minorities such as Hispanics and African Americans. French said in the article that the reason that the minorities are getting more education than the white people is because they are more motivated to keep going. I believe that the reason they keep going is because the have something to prove. Although African Americans have the will keep going that doesn't necessarily mean that they will earn more money than the white people that didn't get to college. I do not know if that is just a coincidence or it has something to do with race. I would like to believe that America has overcome to the whole race issues but sadly no one can deny that they still exist today over a hundred years after slavery.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The reason I think that the school seen a 27 percent increase in students is because in the last section it said that Miramar Orzo last year she skipped school every day to drink, but this year she. After attending the military school her grades got better and her attends got much better. This is why there was a 27 percent increase of students.

The military style academy was not always military style but it was a regular style academy says Christian Rubalcava who has been going to the academy since sixth grade which was before the switch. even though the academy is military based does not mean that you will join the military after high school some of the students that go there such as christian rubacava wish to go to college after high school. ¨I used to skip school to get drunk and high¨ said Mireya Orozco, after the academy her mom has reported tat her grades and attendance have improved and she has show increased respect at home.

Developing responsibility is almost as important as a good work ethic because you will use that skill for the rest of your life. A good way to help grow responsibility in schools it to offer rewards rather than punishments or you could do a combination of punishment and and reward. What do I mean by that you may ask? It is simple for those that have no missing assignments get to have a free hour during ram hour and those that have missing work will have to remain in ram hour without there phone or music.

Monday, March 6, 2017

    I do agree with the idea that college and trade school recruiters use the student's social media account to be used as the deciding factor. I´m not saying I would be happy if I did not get accepted to my dream college due to social media but I'm not worried about it because I am not dumb enough to put stuff on the internet that I wouldn't want certain people to see. I typically don´t write my own post or share my own post, I usually just go through Facebook and when I see something interesting I share it because I just want to be able to get to It without haveing to remember who shared it originally. The other main reason I agree with social media being a resource to use when deciding to accept the student or not is because typically your not going to see how the student actually acts because the student is going to get dressed up and be on best behavior.

     I agree when the article say ¨Somtime kids are more worried about being a character than having character.¨ From what I have learned from my short time in health class my teacher has taught me that people that act obnoxious simply have a self-esteem problem. The reason I agree with this statement  is because often times in class there is that one obnoxious kid that you can count on that they will disrupt the class and I for one can agree with most people when they say it can get on your nerves, not even to mention how annoying it is when someone want to make a seen because they need the attention to feel that they are superior to the other students minding their own business and not festering with the class.

    Highschools somewhat prepare its students for the workplace but I feel some of the required classes are a little bit unnecessary. For the jobs that I want, I would probably never use a computer but that is all we ever do in almost all of my classes. I learn my best when I am using hands-on skills because I will not learn as good looking through a computer screen. When I become of the correct age I want to go to the school offered vocational center and I will go to the welding program. The reason that I plan on doing for my career because I have heard so many good things about the field and from what I have seen in my grandpas declining health is that the union will take care of you.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

I have finally graduated high school now I got to find a place to live because I to not want to be living in my parent´s house anymore. But I then realize that I am going to have to grow up in a hurry and get a full-time job. I should have no problem saving the correct amount of money especially since I have been promised a job giving me 40 hours a week. Sadly I am only going to be making minimum wage. I soon know that if I want to be able to live in my own apartment and still want to have fun then I will have to get a roommate to split the expenses. Then I call my friend and say ¨hey friend do you want to get an apartment with me¨. and Him being the good friend he says ¨why, of course, good buddy Drake, but we better get looking Because there is only so many apartments in this little town they call South Haven¨. So I begin to research and find a nice quaint little 2 bedroom house on pawpaw lake road in Coloma. The cost of this house is only $750 a month and together my friend and I have $2392.38 If you take out our rent then we would still have $1642.38 between us and we could use that however I want.

Now that I got my own place I have to start paying my own bills. My phone plan is 35 dollars a month and it has unlimited everything. I still have my truck from when I turned 16 but it sure is a gas guzzler so I will probably have to put $50 in a week so I can go joyriding. and car insurance will be the biggest cost for me. It will cost around $130 to insure my 1997 Dodge ram 1500 what I saw online. It will cost probably 175 dollars fo electric and 100 dollars for gas so that 275 dollars all together for gas and electric. We will only want the internet because we prefer video games and Netflix Internet so we will have to split the cost. I know how to change oil so I don't have to worry about paying the shop but I will have to buy the filter and the oil so it's only about 20 for both. I and my friend will probably spend 100 dollars on food every 2 weeks and that's not too bad. I will probably not get cable but I will only get internet and Netflix and I already have an Xbox but I would just have to pay 25 dollars for three months of Xbox live. I would probably on spend 30 or 40 dollars on toilet paper and stuff like that.

living paycheck to paycheck could be very stressful because there is not much you can to along the lines of entertainment and the feeling of knowing if something happened to you then you would have no more money to pay your bills with and you would become homeless. If you had to move back home I am sure you would lose some of your dignity. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Lately, I have been spending quite an amount of time thinking about what I want to do with my as far as a career goes. I have come to decide between two career choices, I am split between welding and being a diesel mechanic. I am leaning more towards the welding career because a majority of the males on my mom's side of the family are a welder aId if I ever needed help they would probably help me because they want to keep the family in the welding industry.  I like that you can become part of the union because they help you get higher pay and things along those lines. It also gives you a chance you travel the whole country. My Grandpa was one of the welders that helped weld the Alaskan pipeline so he got to live in Alaska for a year or two and my Grandma and mom and uncle got to go up there to live with him for the time he was up there. the attributes I have for this job are probably the ability to work outside in the elements, and I like hard work because it keeps you busy and the day flys by.

As far as colleges go for the welding career I am thinking northern Michigan which is located in Marquette Michigan or Ferris state university and that is located in Big Rapids. My cousin just graduated from northern Michigan university and she said it is a very nice college with a lot to do on your spare time. Right now I would probably go to Ferris because it is far enough from home so my family that they couldn't just stop in but if I wanted to go home for a weekend it wouldn't be too far away. I am not sure if you could have your car up there your freshman year or not that could be a big factor in my decision because I would want to be mobile, I don't like not being able going places.

There are two different types of welding that I could get into. If I really want to be making some high dollar then I could become an underwater welder and have the potential to earn 1,000 dollars daily but that is a risky job because there is so much potential risk behind underwater welding. The welding I want to do I could make anywhere from 50,000 dollars to north of 180,000 dollars annually, that's is not including how much your welding rig makes just for being on the job site. In some cases, the welding rig alone makes 20 dollars an hour plus you would be making about 75 dollars and hour. I know someone that makes one hundred dollars an hour not including his welding rig because he is doing a very important job and he is a very skilled welder. I would want to become part of the union young so then I could be getting the benefits such as insurance until the day I die which would come in handy because of people that weld sometimes get Parkinson's like my Grandpa because they did not have regulations on things like that. Welding can be a dangerous job but it pays well so I would be ok with the risk because the reward outweighs the risk.

Monday, February 13, 2017

          This Ted Talk compares to the last Ted Talk because in the last Ted Talk it was talking about how royal families convinced people to stop wearing veils because the prostitutes were wearing veils. In another part of the story, the prince said only the royal family could eat the potatoes so then everyone wanted a potato. In this week's Ted Talk the man talked about how there was a market for unregulated shoe sales.

          The two market that this Ted Talk was talking about is the secondary market and the retail market. The secondary market is once you buy an item and you try to resell the item it then becomes part of the secondary. Retail is when the retailers such as footlocker sell stuff directly from the source.

         If there was a stock market of thing it would probably be guns. Guns are on of my hobbies, I don't have many guns right at the moment but I am looking at a double barrel shotgun because I like the style of them and it would make a good self-defense gun. I would also like Russian world war two infantry gun because I have always wanted a bolt action rifle of my own. The reason I would choose guns as the market is because they have been in demand lately because of Obamas attempts to strengthen gun control and Hillary Clinton about won the election. Many of the people that would buy the guns are scared that the government wouldn't let anyone else buy more guns.

Monday, February 6, 2017

        The article that I chose in last week's blog was an informational non-fiction article about the NRA and shootings.

       I Know that the article that I used is sequence and order because it uses words like before, after and next. It would also make sense being that way because it is talking about a shooting and the events that took place that night.

       I would have to say that self-driving cars are the more interesting out of the option given in the article because it is really the only on the list with the consumer's life and others in its hands. I personally would not trust a computer to take me from point A to point B because of computers glitch out and if your throttle of steering mechanism had a malfunction then you could very well die because I'm sure that those cars would be able to go fast since they would be super expensive. I would like to seen a NASCAR using self-driving cars though because it would be cool to see huge crashes and know that no one got hurt.