Monday, January 9, 2017

          Fredrick the great made the potato exclusively for the royal family only. he thought of this because "something worth guarding is worth stealing". Aturtk got women to stop wearing veils by haveing prostitutes wear veils so women didn't want to be seen as a prostitute so women didn't wear veils in turkey.

           Rory idea about the train ride to France on a train falls under perceived value rather than real change because everyone would rather ride a fast train than drive or ride a slow train. this is why he thinks it would be perceived value.

Changing people's perspective is much more effective than changing reality because people usually do what they do off of what they think. that is why the veil thing from turkey was so successful in turkey because women didn't want to be seen as a prostitute. Why do you think people are so willing to give over hundreds of dollar in order to buy beats. the reason beats are so expensive is because you are mostly buying the brand but they are nice headphones but you are mostly buying the brand. changing reality is typically much harder than changing perceived value.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

        I am not quite sure how feel about the reliability of polls or surveys. Part of me thinks that they are quite reliable but part of thinks they are not reliable. The reason I feel that surveys are reliable is because most of the time people will answer honestly and you have the data right in front of you so that you can easily convert the data to your paper of whatever you're doing. Sometimes people don't answer your surveys honestly and they just randomly click to get the and they don't answer honestly.

         This argument unit has been quite easy for the most part but I have had trouble with remembering the different hook techniques and what they mean I can only recall about three of the many different whys for hooks. my favorite hooks are facts and tone of voice because they are simple and to the point.

 In this ad it shows 2 hooks that I could see I´m sure that there is another hook in the there. The two hooks that I found from the ads were facts because it says that the meal cost $6.25 and it uses a metaphor when it says it will blow you away. This ad uses badge value because it doesn't use real or perceived value.

Monday, December 5, 2016

       It is important that you use data or proof when in an argument. If you come into an argument will no proof or data then you are going to come out of the argument wishing that you hadn't started it in the first place. If you don't have any evidence then you will just look stubborn because you will not just agree with the other side of the argument even though you have no facts to back up your side of the argument. I have personally been on both sides of an argument, I often like to start an argument with my friends even though I know for a fact that I'm wrong. I know first hand how annoying it can be when you know for a fact that you are right but the person your arguing with is just too persistent and keeps arguing anyway.

     I feel that alternate claim would be important to a researcher for an advertising company. If the opponent knows the alternate claim of their competitors then they can counter their ad and know what to do differently in their advertisement so that they can better convince the consumers that their product is the best so that they will want to buy the product.

      Our class is going to be writing an essay here in a couple of days. The audience for these essays is going to be our teacher because she is going to be grading our essays. I am going to be trying to convince Ms.Vandopp that my two hooks are the best. these two hooks are going to be facts and tone of voice because I personally believe that they are the best to convince others.

Monday, November 28, 2016

          I believe that the advertisement is showing badge value because when you buy a yacht you usually feel elevated in society because you are now the owner of a possibly million dollar item that is not necessary because its an over sized boat. Even though I believe that a yacht is necessary, if I had a surplus of money i would buy a yacht because they appear to be a lot of fun but I would probably only use it one mounth out of the year because its an unpractile item.

         I feel that the unique claim would have more affect on me as a consumer because if I knew that the item I was buying had a feature that no other brand then I would be more inclined to buy the certain item. your not going to say ¨oh that item is the exact same as this one but it is 5 dollars more so I think ill buy the more expensive one¨that'ss just not how people think. this is how people would think ¨even though this item is 5 dollars more it has a nice feature that no other brand offers so I will buy that item¨. I also feel that unfinished claims and rhetorical claims have little to no effect on me as a consumer. 

           An advertising company may choose messaging value over branding value because if they are trying to get new customers then they might not get them by using brand value because they would not loyal to the brand if they never bought from them. Message value would be more appealing for a new customer because it would make the buy feel more socially conscious because they are buying a nice item then once the consumer has bought the item once then  brand value will have more effect because the consumer will know how the item is so if they like the item then they will probably be loyal to the brand of company.

Monday, October 24, 2016

             Romeo and Juliet was a story that was all about love. There are 3 different types of love real love, authentic love, and romantic love. In Romeo and Juliet, I believe that the love was a romantic love because in the paragraph ¨One question with which¨ it says that Juliet doesn't wish ill to Romeo but she is unable to have  authentic love because of her inexperience and young age. that is why I believe that the love in Romeo and Juliet is romantic love. 

             Which type of love is better you may ask? There are 3 different types of love true love, authentic love and romantic love. the best one may very depending on what type of person you are, personally if I could have any of the 3 types of love I ould prefer to have true love because then I would know that the girlfriend acutely care about me Because I wouldn't want to have a girlfriend that didn't truly love me but they just wanted me and didn't care if I was feeling ok or not.

             From what I can tell from the article Romeo is more responsible with his love just because Juliet is a young teenager. It specifically says that Juliet is unable to have true love because of her inexperience in age. If it wasn't for her age then I believe that Juliet would be the responsible one because Romeo committed suicide over a man he met just days before. sure it is romantic but it is very unresponsible to commit suicide .

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet was a political story. They were a political story because the prince exiled Romeo out of the country and promised if he returned that he would be executed. Which is a political event because the prince was like a president of its time but with more power so they could do stuff like send people out of the country just because they didn't like them.

Romeo and Juliet fit the structure of a tragedy for two reasons. One of those reasons being that they lost their one true love because Juliet's family gave her sleeping potion and when Romeo returned he thought that Juliet was dead. The thought of Romeo's true love dying was just too heartbreaking. The thought of Juliet dying made Romeo so sad that he committed suicide because he wanted to be with Juliet forever but I soon after Romeo dead Juliet wake from her sleep potion and she was so sad from the terrible news that she also committed suicide. That is why Romeo and Juliet fits the structure of a tragedy.

The theater back in the Shakespearean era was very different from going to the theater in modern times. The theater often burnt down when there were plays with cannons they often just let the theater burn down because they didn't have fire fighters. Plays during the Shakespeare the period didn't have microphones so the audience often didn't pay attention to the play. The wealthy audience sat in chairs and the poor audience sat in the pit. People had different choices on what to see for example a bear fighting off dogs or Shakespeare. That is how the plays are different from modern theater

Monday, October 10, 2016

When school starts I always try to get to bed early but that usually doesn't happen. There are numerous factors to me not getting to bed early. One being Xbox live this keeps me up because pretty much all of my friends play it like Logan, Anthony, Jackson, Tyce, Richard, Jaken, Christopher, and Cameron. I usually get caught up in missions with Jacken And Tyce andIi forget about time them when I check the time it’s like 12 o’clock in the morning. When I finally stop playing GTA I then turn on netflix which that is the only way that I can get to sleep because I have to fall asleep to sound of T.V. shows. I usually check my face book and snapchat before I get to bed. On some occasions my good friend Logan decides that he should send me memes at 4 in the morning and he ends up waking me up. When I actually fall asleep it is usually 1 o’clock in the morning.

Some of the students believe that school should start at a later time. I believe that the students think that schools should have a later start time because they go to bed late because they got so many different options to do that would give you entertainment so that you wouldn't want to go to bed. There is another reason that goes along with the first reason this would be that adolescents can not learn as effectively when theyƕe running on not a lot of sleep. Personally when I don't get much I don't feel like getting up because I am so tired and then I can't really remember what we learned that day in school because I was so tired.

It is very important to take sleep seriously. In the paragraph ¨the biology of humans¨  It says that from the time you hit puberty until you're 19.5 years old for girls and 20 years old for boys 7 hours of sleep is the same for a adolescent is the equivalent to 5 hours of sleep for a 55 year old person. This is important because it shows you that adolescents need much more sleep than fully grown human beings. When you don't get enough sleep then you will have a hard time remembering things in school and your daily life, which I already have a hard enough time. I always feel that I will forget something that I need to remember which usually do on the short term but long term I will probably remember because it is probably more significant.